Natural GERD Mattress Toppers – The Right Solution

Let’s understand what is a GERD mattress topper? GERD is abbreviated form of gastro esophageal reflux disease. It causes frequently repeated and often daily heartburn. It is estimated that every year about 40% people experience heartburn, many of them being GERD.A GERD mattress topper is a foam device, which on being used on your bed helps prevent the symptoms of GERD.

Gerd is caused by the presence of acid in the stomach. When you are standing you don’t feel as much of heartburn as acid remains at the lowest level of stomach, but as you lie down it tends to come up the stomach and aggravates heartburn. So, it’s not difficult to understand why the condition worsens at night when you are in bed, making it easier for the acid to travel up the stomach. That’s when the GERD mattress comes to your rescue.

A GERD mattress topper, generally made of foam, lies on top of your mattress. You need to cover it with bed sheet. Generally, elasticized sheets do not work with GERD mattress topper. You may however, try larger sheets, if available.

There are quite a few varieties of GERD mattress topper available and you may have to try a few before you hit upon the most comfortable one.


Some come lined with contours or ribs. These help to having better grip of your back and won’t let you slip down the device.

Other varieties of GERD mattresses come with a topper that has “memory foam” feature that allows the mattress to adapt to the contours of your back to provide additional support and comfort.

You get GERD mattress toppers with a bed lift that facilitates to custom control the angle of inclination, just like a hospital bed.

At the end of the day, a GERD mattress topper proves to be more committed and custom-built solution rather simply raising the head of the bed with support of a few books or pieces of wood. Such toppers provide relief to sufferers of GERD and acid reflux to reduce their symptoms significantly, enabling not only them, but the partner too, to sleep better.


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